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francisco. i guess the big question is, what happened here? i know a lot of the evidence was circumstantial. but it just seems so compelling to come up not guilty on all three counts. just jaw dropping. >> reporter: yeah, frank. that's the feeling here amongst everybody. the local folks that have come down here, the people that have traveled here interest all over the country -- here from all over the country to see this everyone is stunned. a very long time ago i covered the o.j. simpson trial and it's the same reaction where we have all been going over the evidence and talking about it amongst ourselves, but this jury never got the chance to do that. they heard all the evidence but they haven't been talking about it and for some reason, in 10 hours, they were able to come to a unanimous decision that not only was it not first- degree murder, but it wasn't even manslaughter it wasn't legally an accident. so they truly believe she had nothing to do with it. whether the defense's theory that her father -- it was an accidental drowning and her father is the one that covered it up, seems to be
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1